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Layering on Spring and Summer Style!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on May 8, 2014 12:41:00 PM

layering on spring and summer styleLayering isn’t just for the cold weather months, in case you didn’t know. Layering is a key component to any stylish outfit. Pulling together just the right elements can literally transform simple pieces of clothing into fashion. For spring and summer this year, try doing what some of the designers at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City have illustrated for us. Twice each year I pull out my Canon camera and snap some of the looks that convey ideas that we can all relate to when it comes to looking our best.

At Bebe, pretty in pink was the word for this vibrant, yet casual look. A color-blocked knit dress is layered over another skirt so that it’s just peeking out from under the hemline. This is a great trick to create more interest than what is already there. Her jacket is styled like an athletic letterman’s coat, but in these shades of pink it really stands out as fashion. All these shades of pink, and hot pink work together to create a cohesive and memorable ensemble.

layering on spring and summer styleDesigner Amber Patton shows us the soft side of wearing shorts with this breezy spring and summer look from two seasons ago. The pale tunic has interesting ¾-length sleeves and a placket front that give it a little bit of tailoring. Paired with the fitted print shorts in complimentary tones and a faint floral motif, it is both tasteful and slightly sexy. One thing worth noting here is the vibrant coral high-heeled sandals that really make the whole outfit pop!

layering on spring and summer styleJust because it’s finally warm out doesn’t mean we can’t play with layering flowing pieces with more tailored items like this cool look from Noon By Noor. The wide-legged pajama-type pant is a great counterbalance to the fitted tank top and matching motorcycle-inspired jacket. Finding a biker jacket that has been done in an unconventional fabric like this one would be a great way to spark up almost anything in your wardrobe this season. Note that the wider shoulder of the jacket works well with the proportion of the pants here.

layering on spring and summer styleTropical prints are always a good bet when the temperature rises. Here’s a look from Mara Hoffman that combines three pieces for a maximum effect. The longer, fitted shorts look great under the mandarin-collar button down shirt done in a white silk. The shorter length of the jacket gives an interesting juxtaposition with the long tunic length of the skirt. While I am not a proponent of “matchy-matchy,” I think this look would be appropriate for almost any summer event that called for a chic and casual outfit.

layering on spring and summer styleGoing for a print mash up is always a good thing if you train your eye to see if the pieces work in harmony like this look from Chris Benz. The prints couldn’t be more different but the tones of green help pull them together to tell a story. Here we see more loose fitting shorts with a blousy tunic top. The fresh colors and unique styling make this a winner in my book!

Looking for layering pieces that work with items you may already have is the key to pulling together your own fashion-forward looks this season. So why not renew your wardrobe by seeing what pieces you can find at Goodwill? Trying out new ways to elevate your style sense is easy, and at our prices, make it a lot less scary to take the plunge so you can find YOUR personal best for spring and summer.

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