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Spring and Summer Fashion…. Then and Now!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on May 2, 2014 10:52:00 AM

Every year right around this time we take a look in our closets, trunks, or wherever we store our out-of-season clothing, and assess what pieces we’ve hung on to from last year’s spring-and-summer season. In my own case, I often realize that I only wore a few of the items multiple times and others very rarely.  Those items that become our “go-to” items could be classified as iconic. In the end, I have come to realize that there are certain items widely adopted by many people, over and over - and for good reason. They fit and flatter, which is color blockingprecisely what makes them fashion classics!  Whenever I page through old magazines in my reference collection, it becomes apparent that the reinvention of those iconic items is what we do year after year! Let’s take a look at a few of spring and summer must-have pieces “then,” and their modern counterparts “now!”

A color-blocked shift dress is both classic and modern. The simple a-line shape makes it flattering and comfortable even during the warmest summers. The clean lines keep it chic and fashionable. Whether paired with flats, sandals, or heels, this is a dress that will keep on giving all throughout the season. Look for cottons, or cotton-blend fabrics that will retain their shape and not require ironing. In our vintage picture we see a little more structure, and in our modern version we see this dress done in a knit with more of a modern neckline. Either way, they both look fantastic!

bjorn swim suitThe one-piece romper or swimsuit is making a comeback in a big way. These suits flatter most women, but especially those that want a more modest way to get some sun. Not only do they cover problem areas, but also they’re perfect to wear as a top with a full circle skirt as your cover up! These types of suits will take you from the beach, to a luncheon in the city in a flash. Look for those that have some structure built in, and you’ll be movie-star glamorous and perfectly on trend. Take note that the modern version of the one piece has not changed all that much from its predecessor has it?

bjorn day dress0514.fwThe cotton day dress in a small-scale print is a staple of the modern woman’s summer wardrobe. This could be a shirtwaist dress that buttons down the front or could also be a back zip dress. The important thing here is the definition of the waistline. In our vintage picture we see the more corseted look of the 1950’s, that featured a full longer skirt, and in our modern picture we see a shorter and slightly more relaxed version for today’s on the go gal.

bjorn capri pantsCapri pants, slacks, clam diggers if you will are always in style. The classic-shapely styling is still a great look for a lot of women. The definition of the waist was always important in vintage looks like the one here. For a modern take on this cropped pant, look for unusual fabrics and prints that make a statement. Pair them with a tunic or cropped top for an up-to-the-minute summer-style look. In the modern version we see more of a monochromatic palette with a zip front, slim-cut cardigan sweater for an elegant evening look.

The thrill of the hunt is what looking for summer wardrobe pieces is all about, and what better place to do that than your neighborhood Goodwill store. Whether you find the perfect vintage piece or its modern counterpart this summer, you’ll know that you’ve brought some sunshine into the lives of those less fortunate by supporting our mission with your purchase.

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