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Black, White and Spring ALL Over!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Apr 15, 2014 2:08:00 PM

black and whiteWhen you’re talking classic contrasts, there’s nothing quite like the crisp juxtaposition of black and white. These opposing shades on the color spectrum couldn’t be more different, yet they live in harmony in one fashionable look after another. For spring this year designers have pulled out all the stops to refresh and renew this stalwart style combination in ways that anyone can access. My illustration this week is from Deisgual, a casual clothing brand based in Barcelona, Spain. I took these photographs at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Deisgual is known for their fun innovative prints, artistic flourishes, and colorful touches. They do a range of items for men, women and children. Let’s see where they take us for spring shall we?

Minimal is the word for the use of black and white on this casual knit t-shirt dress.  The graphic black geometric design adds just the right touch here and makes this simple dress much more memorable. Keep that in mind when you’re out shopping, sometimes a little contrast goes a long way toward a stylish look.

black and whiteI’m always saying that a black and white floral print is almost foolproof. It always looks crisp, and depending on the print, it can go elegant or it can be quite mod like the dress shown here. The large daisy design is eye catching and is well suited to the silhouette of the a-line shift dress. A good rule of thumb when wearing prints that are bold is to make sure the silhouette is simple no matter what.

black and whiteBold black-and-white prints with just a splash of color here and there are always an interesting choice. In this photo we see an a-line tank top that is similar to the first dress, paired with long flowing pajama pants that have been made in a signature graphic print that tosses in some color. The pinkish red tone works well with the black and white and the tiny bit of citrus yellow just pops! The wide brimmed hat is also embellished with the print.

black and whiteSometimes you just have to mix it all up! Here we have classic print mixing done with artisan prints. The top alone would be great, but when paired with the bottom half it becomes chic and fashion forward. Whenever you’re out shopping look for interesting and unique prints like this one. You can play off of this look in so many ways. She could have a red handbag, or black, and she could also wear different shoes in a solid color that work with this as well. The total look here is just perfect in my fashion book!

black and whiteMenswear also feels the black and white trend. Here they’ve mixed a print button down shirt with jeans and a black sport coat. The interest is in the oversize bow tie in a contrasting black and white print. Bow ties are all the rage these days for guys across the board. It’s a simple update for a guy to add a new tie or contrasting button down to the wardrobe he already has.

Every week I like to give you a little food for fashion thought, and I always like to remind you that great fashion doesn’t know what you spend on it, or where it came from. That’s why I encourage so many people to check out what Goodwill might have that could set your style compass spinning! Not only will you get a lot of ideas for some great new looks, but also you’ll help your community by supporting programs that put people to work. Now that you’ve read it here in black and white, go see what you can find!

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