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Spring Fresh Menswear

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Apr 10, 2014 2:29:00 PM

Spring Fresh MenswearMen’s fashion is said to be less interesting than women’s. This is mainly because it doesn’t “change” so much, but rather shifts gears during the seasonal style adjustment that happens twice a year for autumn and winter, as well as spring and summer. As someone who attends Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as a spectator and photographer in New York City, I can assure you that in theory my statement about men’s fashion is somewhat true. However, there are takeaways from the shows I photograph that the average Joe can make sense of and use to shake up his day-to-day style. All he has to do is learn a few new trends, and then possibly adapt them to his own lifestyle and needs. This week I decided to focus on the offerings of Lacoste, the French clothing label founded in 1933. Lacoste has always put “sporty” front and center for its men’s and women’s collections. This iconic sportswear brand has also helped revolutionize the way men dress for casual outings and sporting events. It was also one of the first brands whose logo, the famous crocodile, appeared on the outside of an article of clothing. Lacoste looks are relatable and wearable and also provide some food for thought for everyone when it comes time to “freshening up” for spring.

Spring Fresh MenswearMonochromatic dressing is all the rage for men and women who want a sophisticated and simple-to-put-together look. This loden green suit with white piping comes off as quite sporty when worn with the white t-shirt and beige leather tennis shoes. This might seem extreme to some, but remember that you can always adapt runway styles in more subtle ways by breaking up the “suit effect.” A classy gentleman could also opt for the other version they showed that was primarily in cool shades of white. As a rule, these types of white pieces are a perfect foil for other more vibrant colors as well, when not creating a statement of solidarity with their brothers.

Spring Fresh MenswearStripes have always been associated with sports, but here the placement is a little different. They’re shown on the seams of both the polo shirt and the casual slacks. The mint green tone is definitely a winner and an enormous trend for men and women alike. Once again, you wouldn’t have to wear a look like this as a “set.” The slacks would work just as easily with a solid color t-shirt or polo as well.

Knit sweaters with short sleeves are making a comeback. These Spring Fresh Mensweartake their cues from the short-sleeved t-shirt and look great when paired with a longer Bermuda short like the ones shown here. The neutral color of the tennis shoes keeps the look grounded and casual. 

Spring Fresh MenswearThe lightweight trench coat shown here in a beige color is more like an elongated windbreaker. It’s dramatic and practical at the same time. Note how the beige tone really plays well off the rich blue-grey color of the slacks, shirt and tennis shoes. The ease and simplicity of all the elements here are what make this look dapper and sophisticated.

Men’s style may not change on a whim like women’s fashion seems to do, but you can always find men’s clothing items that can help the fashion-challenged guy fill in the gaps in his wardrobe for a great value at your local Goodwill store.  And, as always, there’s nothing more stylish than supporting our mission of job training for those in need!

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