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Everybody Promenade!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Apr 3, 2014 12:28:00 PM

Everybody promenadeProm (short for promenade) that semi-formal dance for high school students will be upon us again soon. This rite of passage celebrates the end of the academic school year by gathering together in gymnasiums or other venues, dressed to impress. In recent years the fashion end of the prom business has exploded, with gowns, cocktail dresses (non-alcoholic please), tuxedos and snazzy suits sharing the spotlight on the dance floor. Today’s teenage prom goers not only want to dress up and show off, but they want to be seen in the latest and greatest fashions as well. (Not to mention the coolest hair and make-up trends.) Just like all movements in the style world there are some looks showing up on the radar for the first time and others that are proven winners year in and year out. Let’s count down what the hippest guys and gals will be wearing for prom this year shall we?

Guys rock more than ever before this year as they don traditional formal wear in black and white, but with a twist. Just as we’ve seen on numerous awards shows in recent years, the big trend for guys is to wear a black necktie rather than a bow tie with their slim fit tux. The one button jacket suits this look very well.  Rearing its head again is the three-piece suit in a dark Everybody promenadecolor. Not only is this a great look, it’s a great investment as it can be worn Everybody promenadeagain and again in different ways. For a cool switch up, a guy could go for an off-white dinner jacket that can be worn with gray or black slacks for the swanky retro look. What’s out this year is renting EVERYTHING including cummerbund, tie and shoes. Cool cats are ditching the cummerbund completely and buying their own neckwear and shoes.  DO NOT match your date’s dress color with your accessories! Grooming for guys is definitely following the trend of classic, yet contemporary with side parted hair slicked down with gel or pomade for that matinee idol look.

Everybody promenadeLadies can either go long, short, or somewhere in between with their gowns.   One thing is for sure however, and that is bling! Dresses that feature flowing skirts with jewel-embellished bodices top the list of must have looks. Prom goes for soft colors this year with mint, Everybody promenadeturquoise, coral, pale gold and ivory as the go- to color palette for the sophisticated prom goer. The focus this year also goes back, and I do mean to the back of the dress! This plays into the fact that low cut necklines are out and demure is in. Showing off the back with cutouts, straps, or other details will make any girl into a fashion star. Another reinvention is the peplum feature on some gowns. Basically it’s like a shorter overskirt that is attached to the dress while adding waist definition and vintage glamour.

Everybody promenadeWhere it all comes together is with hair and make up for the gal who wants to dazzle her date. Skin should look fresh and dewy, with a light-peachy blush at the apple of the cheeks. The drama comes from your eyes! Try a stronger brow paired with winged eyeliner and lots of mascara, or false eyelashes! Keep the eye shadow simple and shimmery, and play up the lips with a bright and colorful gloss.

Everybody promenadeWith today’s technology, it’s a snap to go online to see how the stars are styling their hair on the red carpet and beyond. Gone are the days of tortured, overly done hairstyles. Those super-tight updo’s and overly curled hair seem so passé!  Today’s chic girl wears a simple chignon either high or low, a ponytail, or a more natural flowing side parted head full of easy waves. The best tip of all is to keep it loose and almost natural looking, even if you’re wearing an updo. A surf (salt infused) spray will give hair a beachy texture and also make it easier to pin up as well, if that’s your choice. Just a few turns with a medium barrel curling iron here and there and you’ll be good to go. 

Everybody promenadeAccessories for the ladies are tending to be more delicate and sparkly than ever before. Lightweight chandelier-type earrings take the place of fussy necklaces, and are paired with a single glittering cuff on one wrist. Footwear styles abound, but one thing is certain and that is silver and other forms of pale, almost pastel metallic shoes. Whether the shoes are platform, or intricately detailed high-heeled sandals, metallic will go with almost any dress. Once again the cardinal rule is, DO NOT match your gown and your shoes exactly!

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