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5 Easy Upgrades for Spring 2014

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Mar 5, 2014 1:39:00 PM

spring fashionDo you get the impression that we are ruled by the weather sometimes?  Everything we do and how we feel about it has a direct connection to the amount of sunshine we get and the temperature we see on our thermometers! For the last few weeks I have been pulling out all of my colorful garments and wearing them with impunity non-stop. Not only for the fashionable effect, but also for the way they make me feel. As we edge towards spring for what seems like an eternity, it’s time to see if your closet and wardrobe are ready for the bright days that will surely come our way soon. Your first order of business is to take stock of what you have on hand.  Pull out spring and summer items and be realistic about how you feel about them! Weed out what doesn’t fit or flatter and set aside for donation or recycling. Now you’re ready to hunt for the 5 indispensable pieces that will help you get a step up on spring style!

1. Lightweight Jacket or Trench Coat

A spring jacket is very important to overall style success. For those that work in a corporate environment, a trench coat looks appropriate for wear-over business attire and dresses too. The bonus is that it can also top your favorite pair of denim jeans and more casual items as well. Keep in mind that a tailor for a minimal cost may easily shorten a trench coat that is longer than you like. Look for a classic tan, or something neutral and it will serve you well as a go-to layering piece.

colorful cardigans2. Colorful Cardigans

A brightly-toned cardigan can dress up even the simplest t-shirt. It’s another one of those pieces that can go from office to weekend in a flash with a change of accessories. It’s important to look for quality knits like wool or cotton blends that will stand the test of time. Say no to anything that will stretch out and lose its shape. DO NOT hang cardigans on hangers unless they are padded to prevent those unsightly bumps at the shoulder that come from non-padded hangers.

breezy blouses3. Breezy Blouses

Sheer or semi-sheer blouses are another great layering piece for spring. Look for tunics, peasant tops, as well as button down styles that can work for a variety of situations and needs in your daily life. They always look great when layered over tank tops, and work quite well when worn under vests, cardigans, and jackets depending on the style.

unusual jewlery4. Unusual Jewelry

By unusual I mean statement-making pieces, such as an oversized necklace with multicolor beads, or a pendant that has strong geometric lines. Unusual pieces add that personal flair to anything in your wardrobe. A chunky cuff bracelet in hammered metal, a stack of thin bangles, or a large cocktail ring could also fit the bill quite nicely. Go a little wild with your jewelry, you’ll be glad you did and right in style.

fancy flats5. Fancy Flats

Forget the platforms and go flat out fabulous! Flats are the new heels when it comes to spring fashion. Look for bright colors, menswear-inspired styles, and anything that draws your attention in a good way. Flats look great with the longer skirt lengths so prevalent now, and are a cinch to pack when going on vacation.  You should go for a couple pairs in neutral tones, like brown or black, and then seek out some really fun pairs to turn those favorite jeans into fashion magic.

The best thing about shopping for spring items at Goodwill is that you can go wild without worrying about your finances. At our prices you can afford to splurge and take a chance with your style! You’ll be glad you did, and those that are supported by Goodwill’s mission will think you’re pretty great too!  

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