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Fashion Week Style

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Sep 18, 2013 1:22:00 PM

coming going.fwEach time I return from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City, I sift through all the thousands of photographs I took and look for the most interesting and wearable outfits that folks actually display at this twice-yearly fashion pow-wow, so that I can show you, dear reader, just what goes into creating a memorable and stylish ensemble. Let’s take a peek at the clothing choices some of the movers and shakers made and break down the elements into easy to swallow fashion terminology.

Coming and Going

This young lady had all the bases covered, quite literally. She is a good illustration of how to wear some of the crop tops that have been revealing themselves again. When worn with high-waist skirts or shorts like she does here, they take on a vintage pin up girl vibe that is quite appropriate for many occasions. The jacket at first glance is an ornately embroidered black and white piece, or is it? When she turned around the surprise of the coral pink gave the entire ensemble a softer and more fashion-forward feeling. She keeps the accessories to a minimum with a black leather handbag, simple chain necklace and nude heels. Do you say yes or no to the cropped look?

Black and WhiteBlack and White

In this photo we’re seeing the trend toward longer lengths that we last saw in the later part of the 1980’s. The interesting thing here is that the dress is entirely covered in paillettes or large sequins, which gave it a shimmery quality. This could have gone the way of the Queen Mother in England, but she gave it a younger feeling with her accessories. The bowler hat is rather charming with her hairstyle, the pink clutch adds some needed color, and the silver leather platforms give it a nerdy, clunky “Molly Ringwald” reference!  As you can see here, not everything has to be tight and sexy. This look is fun and somehow feels new again. 

Easy Does ItEasy Does It

This gal is all smiles because her outfit is absolute perfection. She shows us some very simple elements that add up to sophisticated style. A simple blouse in black, grounds the metallic-gold pencil skirt in a past the knee length.  (Remember I wrote about that trend last week?)  But the great thing here is the pops of red from her vintage look frame handbag, and her pretty high-heeled sandals. Some simple bangle bracelets and her wedding ring are all she needs for extra polish. She scores extra points for her retro-red lipstick!

Artistic ElementsArtistic Elements

This young lady loves a good print and isn’t afraid to wear it. She pairs her artisan-inspired short pencil skirt with an embellished t-shirt top to great effect.  Simple hair, little to no jewelry, and simple black tights and wedge heeled booties don’t compete with the other pieces. She does however; add a funky clutch that compliments the other stand out pieces. Not for everyone, but if you like new and different, this is the way to do it!

Cropped Couture

Cropped CoutureHere we have a gal wearing a lot of trends all at once. I mean that in a good way! The black cropped long-sleeved top works perfectly with the artisan-inspired print box pleated skirt. Again the higher waist of the skirt keeps everything on the classy side. Her greatest achievement though is her use of accessories. The pendant necklace is perfect in proportion with the top and brings out some of the color of the skirt without exactly matching it! The bag and shoes at first would seem to clash but instead balance all the black with some needed fun and whimsy. Topping it all off are the oversized Ray Ban-type sunglasses, which will be prevalent on the fashion scene for a few more seasons at least. Polished perfection is all I can say about this look!

Whether you’re fond of the looks I’ve shown here or not, my ultimate goal is to get you inspired and thinking about new ways to use the things you have, and most likely look for other items that could take your style to new heights of cool when you’re out shopping at Goodwill. Nothing is more fashionable than being creative as well as supporting our mission to help those in need.

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