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Decidedly Denim!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Aug 8, 2013 10:18:00 AM

jeansAsk any parent what the most important back to school clothing item for their kids are and they’ll tell you “jeans.” I have firsthand knowledge that this is the case.  While out scouting my local Goodwill stores for some upcoming Back-to-School (BTS) fashion shows and photo shoots, I ran into a good friend and her daughter who were already shopping for back-to-school wardrobe items. Her tall, willowy grade-school age daughter was trying on jeans in the fitting room. She emerged all smiles, as mom approved of the fit of the dark wash skinny jeans she had on.  That day they bought several pairs in different styles, as well as lots of button down shirts and tee shirts for her older brother to layer over his own jeans!  Denim is the ultimate workhorse of BTS fashion without question. It holds up to lots of rough and tough wear from kids and adults alike, but it’s especially great because of the style potential it gives those who wear it. There are tons of items made from this sturdy cotton (sometimes cotton blend for stretch) fabric. So keep your eye out for the items I mention below as you shop for BTS bargains at Goodwill!

denim vestsDenim vests are a great layering piece for boys and girls. Girls may want to pair it with a more feminine dress, while boys can match it up western style with a button down flannel shirt.

denim shirtDenim shirts are a good option for utilizing as a jacket. Temperatures vary in classrooms, so this gives your child a choice to be comfortable no matter what.  Think of this as a cardigan that you could wear over tee shirts and other lightweight clothing items.


skirtDenim skirts provide the answer for the girl who wants to be feminine but also practical. Once again they can go over heavier tights in the wintertime, and look equally great when the weather is nice with bare legs and sneakers.

describe the imageDenim dresses for girls are another sturdy yet fun piece for school and play.  Look for simple lines for your tween or teen, or go for a fun embroidered and embellished look with ruffles and more for your little grade school princess!

red jeansDenim jeans are always a bargain at Goodwill. Look for lots of different washes -including stonewashed. Yes it is making a comeback!  Colorful is a great way to go as well in every shade of the rainbow for all your BTS needs.

jean jacketDenim jackets are a fantastic late summer/ early fall piece for your child’s school wardrobe. As the weather gets chilly layer it over a zip front hoodie to keep the kids warm and stylish!


denim backpackDenim accessories are all over the map with hats, shoes, purses, and my favorite - backpacks! They look good with everything and allow a kid to personalize their outfit every day!

Do you have enough denim items for your family this BTS season?  If not head straight away to your local Goodwill Store & Donation Center where you’ll be amazed by our selection and our prices! Next week I’ll share with you my top 5 BTS styles for the whole family and how you can pull it all together at Goodwill!

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