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Create A Fashion Cuff!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Mar 28, 2012 2:06:00 PM

Just exactly what is a fashion cuff? To me, it is a cross between a bracelet and the cuff of a shirt. It does not slide over the hand; instead it is secured around the wrist with some sort of closure like a button, snap or Velcro. So basically it’s a strip of fabric or cloth that is worn around the wrist to create spectacular style! Oftentimes, when I see people wearing them, they remind me of large watchbands minus the watch or Wonder Woman’s famous bullet deflectors! They can be high-end leather with precious metal medallions and studs on them, or they can be simple fabric or vinyl, with no frills whatsoever. In keeping with our tradition here at, which is to reduce, reuse and recycle, I am going to show you just how easy it is to make your own custom fashion cuffs!diy fashion accessories

I started by purchasing four belts from the Goodwill store near my home. They were $1.49 each! I looked for belts that were visually interesting so that my cuffs would make a bold statement. The only other item you will need to purchase is a package of heavy-duty Velcro brand fastener, which comes in a self-adhesive version. No gluing necessary!

I used a cuff I already had as a template for cutting my belts to the same size, approximately nine inches. Be very careful and use a sharp box-cutter and straight-edge ruler as a guide to make sure that the cuts are clean and precise.

The key is attaching the Velcro so that the hook side overlaps from the underside of your cuff, to the loop on the outer side. I used pieces that were the same width as my belts and each about one inch long. Since they already have adhesive on them, I simply placed them in position and held them down with a lot of pressure to ensure that they were sturdily secured. If you use Velcro that is adhesive-free, just glue it down with some type of household cement made for fabrics and plastic. For a more finished look, I slightly rounded off the edges of the overlapping part of the cuff, using the box-cutter and ruler again.

goodwill fashion accessoriesThat’s it! Now you have some very unique cuff bracelets! Each belt yielded three cuff bracelets, so I was able to give them away to some of the ladies I work with, who are shown here! They thought they were very cool and wanted to make some for themselves! The variations are endless. You could use a supple leather belt and place snaps or grommets to make the closure, but keep in mind that you’ll need the proper tools for that type of treatment.

Stop in at the Goodwill store near you today, to look for items that you can repurpose, reuse and recycle into your own one-of-a-kind accessory! Not only is it a very creative way to perk up your wardrobe, but it will definitely brighten your global outlook as well!






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