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Ladylike Looks For Spring & Summer 2012

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Apr 5, 2012 1:46:00 PM

Just what is the ladylike fashion movement you may ask? In simple terms, it is a confident and classy way of dressing that is not overly revealing, but done in a polite, dignified way that would be expected of someone in the Royal Family, or the upper classes. This does not mean however, that you should look like an old lady. A good example of this chic and sophisticated approach would be the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. To this day, the former first lady is remembered for her understated and classic style. Why? Simple tailored silhouettes and styling are never out of fashion!spring fashion trends

The fact that these types of structured dresses, skirts and blouses have been figuring prominently in the runway collections of top designers all over the world are proof that fashion is constantly re-inventing its best looks from every era. These styles are timeless, flattering and work-appropriate in many cases. Dresses become suitable for day-to-evening scenarios. How can you achieve the famous ladylike look of someone like the Royal Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine (Kate) Middleton? Let me give you the low down on the key pieces you’ll need to look for, on your next trip to the Goodwill store near you!

Dresses: This would encompass many styles, but keep in mind that tailoring and structure are what works best with this kind of look. Shirtwaist dresses that button down the front, sleeveless sheath dresses with little or no frills and princess type a-line dresses would be the ideal. Floral prints work extremely well when it comes to striking the right balance of demure and delicate when exploring this style.

Skirts: The lean classic lines of the pencil skirt, the a-line skirt (which is great if your hips are a concern), and the full dirndl/ballet type skirt are perfect illustrations. The important thing is length. Ladylike is also code for LONGER skirt length. If you haven’t noticed, a few inches above or below the knee or longer is the new trend!

Blouses: Look for fitted button downs, or short-sleeved blouses with interesting collar treatments and possibly some sleeveless tops. V-necked, long sleeved sweaters also look great with full skirts, and boat neck tops are a good bet as well. Mix and match, but just make sure that your tops don’t compete with your skirts. Proportion and balance in the components is key, so keep the ruffles and fussy lace to a minimum.goodwill fashion trends

Jackets: The jacket of the season is a short peplum coat that has a curvy vintage appeal with 3/4 sleeves. On another note, cardigan twin-sets, and of course the classic, short trench coat, all add to the appeal of the upper crust. One thing you’ll notice with this trend is that the pieces are all about versatility. Even the royals wear things more than once!

Trying new fashion ideas is what discovering style is all about, so experiment, have fun and make some ladylike maneuvers with your wardrobe this spring and summer. Whether you’re a wannabe Royal, or just an average gal looking to refresh your image, Goodwill Store & Donation Centers have you covered, quite literally, for a lot less!






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