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Foolproof Fashion Recipes!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Apr 16, 2012 1:11:00 PM

All of us have a favorite recipe don’t we? Even if you don’t cook more than once a year, there is still that special dish, no matter how easy to prepare, that we can always count on to impress. Well, come to think of it, fashion and style have similar recipes that always make you look great and feel like a million bucks. They’re also very good examples of what to think about before you head out to shop for spring and summer this year. Let’s focus on a few basic looks that you can start with and just like any culinary concoction, you can add your own couture seasonings to make it your own.

spring fashion tipsJeans and a top

Who doesn’t own a favorite pair of jeans? The fashion workhorse, they always succeed when all else fails. Now would be a great time to head over to your nearest Goodwill Store & Donation Center to see what kinds of spring or summer tops you can find! Look for lightweight knits for layering, structured blouses for a tailored look and trendy tunic tops. You should have a variety of colors including neutrals that you can pair with brighter accessories.

Dress for success

A stand out dress that can be worn again and again with just a change of accessories should be on every ladies “must have” list. Think in terms of what you’ll do and where you’ll be wearing your dresses this season. A shirtwaist dress in a neutral tone could be your “go to” dress all season long. By changing up the accessories, this type of dress goes from boardroom to beach in a flash.

Well suited

A great structured jacket or coat is a wonderful wardrobe builder that stands up season after season. I think a khaki, denim, cotton or other woven and textured fabric can be a “dressy” addition to any ensemble. It makes casual dresses work appropriate and can make a simple top and jeans more upscale too!

goodwill fashion tipsPattern making

Look for anything patterned for spring and summer. Geometrics, floral prints, abstracts and stripes, all make a play for attention when paired with other neutral pieces in your closet. “Go bold or go home” is the motto for spring and summer, according to the fashion powers that be! That’s why Goodwill is such a fabulous resource for trying on all these trends at a cost that won’t stop you from exploring your styling creativity!

Color me pretty

If you’re not into pattern but want to go for a more audacious look, bright colors are the way to capture the magic of standout style. Start with tones you already like and amplify the tonality. For example, if you like pink and tend toward pastels, go for a fuchsia, hot pink or bright coral. These tones are in the same color family and can be just as flattering as soft colors. Just try them all on and find the one that makes you feel more special and vibrant. That’s the color to go for!

Rich jewel tones can work together in monochromatic (all clothing in one tonal family) or even contrasting color blocked outfits. The sky is the limit! If you’re terrified of color or want a more subtle change, start with shoes, slacks, skirts or items that you can gradually work into your existing clothing rotation. All it will take are a few compliments from friends and family to get you in a more color savvy fashion mood this season.

amazing goodwill fashionFashion does come and go, but being stylish is something that takes only a little investment in some new ideas like the ones I’ve shared and a trip to your local Goodwill store. Now get out there and shop!









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