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Top Style Trend: Orange

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Apr 19, 2012 12:50:00 PM

Right before Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2012 debuted at Lincoln Center, the color authority of the world, The Pantone Institute, basically declared that anyone with stylish inclinations would be wearing Tangerine Tango, or a version of that citrus hue. If you didn’t already know, Pantone LLC is recognized the world over as the absolute expert on color and a provider of color systems that help leading fashion designers, interior designers, and regular people like you and me, understand the language of color in our lives. Their predictions for the year are based on fashion industry influences, art exhibitions, and popular culture in the U.S. and around the world. I started seeing the use of corals, and other likely cousins of orange, on the runways a few seasons back. It’s a cheerful tone that works with so many colors and neutrals; it seems a natural progression to ramp it up and take it into the tangerine category for this year.summer fashion trends

Fashion is always about taking risks, and color is a great way to step just a little outside your comfort zone. Bold and bright is not for everyone - but don’t knock it til you try it! Whether I’m working with customers or models to pick items for their personal wardrobes, or clothing for a photo shoot, I always gravitate toward a few items that are bright and colorful. Why? Because color can transform and brighten up almost any look on any individual. That’s why it’s a “go to” for anyone in the style business. Many times the people I work with have never worn a particular shade and are hesitant to try it on. But, after a little experimentation, many folks find that their color-phobia is unfounded. They just need to keep trying things on until they find the right shade. Perseverance! That’s why shopping at Goodwill is such a great way to try trends that you might not think are right for you. The stores separate clothing by size and color, so it’s very simple to go directly to the shades you want to experiment with.

Orange is not a new color for fashion, but it does have the distinction of being somewhere between two primary colors (red and yellow) that are bold and bright. Within this realm, there are bright corals, pink-oranges, tomato, and lots of other combinations of this hue, some leaning more toward red and some leaning more toward yellow. Let’s see how orange plays with other colors, shall we? Some of the best illustrations are often shown in interior design. A bright-tangerine chair against a pale, cool-green wall, works because we’re playing with opposites on the color wheel. Each tone sets off the other. If you’re the person that requires everything in their wardrobe match, now is the time to try for some complementary ensembles where the colors make them pop.

Tangerine Tango and other orange tones don’t necessarily have to be worn on your body to be appreciated in all their glory. Try a handbag, accessory, furniture, or other decorative piece for your home. With the prices and selection available at your local Goodwill Store, you can afford to experiment with your own personal version of this hot trend. Orange you glad you read this article? Now get out there and make some fashion magic happen!amazing goodwill fashion

















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