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Romper Room

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on May 17, 2012 11:18:00 AM

Do you know what a romper is? The dictionary definition is as follows: “A one piece suit usually worn with short pants and a bib held up by shoulder straps, worn by babies and small children.” For your fashion information, this garment is also one of the hottest trends around the world for spring and summer. Although the description above is accurate, I would venture to say that the romper should be thought of as a jumpsuit that has been cut off into shorts. The full cut, high- waist shorts look that is also so prevalent on runways and streets, is a kissing cousin of this movement.

summer fashion rompersThe key to this look is finding the right fit and proportion for your body. Let’s take a look at the variety of styles of this garment, and then the next time you’re at the Goodwill store you may be able to get an idea for how to wear one that you find, or simply how to modify something like a jumpsuit, into a cute romper for warm-weather style.

For many who spend time at the beach over the summer you may have seen gals wearing the kind of romper that features a strapless elasticized top. These are usually made of jersey or some other soft and draping fabric and work well to pull on as a cover up after a day spent on the water or by the pool. Loose fitting and easy, the look is pulled together and casually fun worn with flip-flops or sandals.

The next types are those rompers that look a little more fitted, featuring a bodice that has tie-laces, zips or buttons. Because they’re more of a structured piece, the fabric should be a little sturdier like polished cotton, denim, and other more tightly woven fabrics. We’ve seen celebrities of all kinds sporting the denim versions of these for the past couple of seasons.

What I call the “safari-look” romper is one that buttons up for closure in the front and features all the details of a cargo short and button down shirt combined into one garment. These look great with chunky wooden sandals, or even boots for an “urban hiker” look. The more rustic, and almost military these look the better! Look for khaki, heavy cotton and denim here as well.

The last look for our romper would be more of an evening look. What about lace or satin? Worn with high heels and some statement jewelry, this look could be worn to any number of events depending on the length and the fabric. Obviously this garment is not made to replace a dress, but it does make a bold choice for those who can afford to show a little leg!

How can you get the look at Goodwill even if you don’t find a romper? Look for two pieces that are of a similar or matching fabric. For example, a lacy type black blouse, tucked into the waistband of some dressy full cut shorts, and then pulled-together with a complimentary belt. The effect will be similar, and the silhouette will be almost exactly the same. Softly draped fabrics like silk, satin and rayon are the ones that will make this outfit seem less “beach party” and more “night out on the town.” Sparkling accessories like chandelier earrings, metallic clutch, and high heels pull it all together quite nicely. For evening you may also want to wear some patterned hosiery to add drama as well!goodwill fashion

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