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“Grease” is the word …for a stylish summer!

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on May 31, 2012 10:55:00 AM

Famous fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent once said “fashion fades, but style is eternal.” This has never been more true for summer style makers this year. Rolling back the years once again to the heady days of high school spirit is just what the doctor ordered for fashion followers this summer. Think “girls at the sock hop” and “1950’s too cool for school” looks with a modern twist. Saddle shoes, crop tops, plaids, and more have come roaring back to the forefront. Let’s count down the ways you can take this trend under your wing and really let your summer style fly.summer fashion trends

High-waist shorts, slacks and skirts make a bold statement this summer. As the polar opposite of the low-rise trend that now seems oh so passé, high-waist looks seem innocent and playful. The genius thing about a higher waistline definition is that it usually hits a woman at the narrowest part of her body, thus giving her the “hourglass” shape that is so coveted once again. Think of Sandy in the movie “Grease” with her innocent, yet sassy high-waist shorts and skirts. Personally I think these types of looks are a classy alternative to the peek-a-boo and somewhat questionable styles we’ve seen in the past few years. If you’re a little larger end of the spectrum try to find flat-front slacks and shorts. Wear pleated only if you lack your own natural curves. Pleated front shorts tend to accentuate problem areas around the middle. All kinds of women can wear these looks, either in shorter or longer versions to suit the individual. Try the old standbys denim or khaki, or floral prints, plaids and pastels if you’re going for a more vintage vibe.

"Grease" fashion tipsCrop tops don’t have to be too revealing. One of my favorite looks is the short-sleeved blouse with the ends left out and tied under the rib cage. You can do this with virtually any blouse that has enough fabric to tie effectively. The key here is to tuck the back of the blouse up inside first, then simply tie the front. You can look for floral prints, gingham, pastels, glen plaids and jewel tones to take advantage of the movement towards vintage chic. Goodwill is a great place to try out some of these trends, as there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of options at any one of our retail stores for you to choose from.

Wondering what to accessorize with? How about saddle shoes? The saddle shoe is so named for the contrasting band over the front of the shoe. They definitely work with oodles of stylish items this season. I’ve seen them used with dresses, as well as the shorts and tops type of looks I’ve described here. They come in so many colors and even floral!

Sunglasses are another way to access the “Sandy” look. How about some cool cat-eye sunglasses? Be on the prowl for unusual shaped sunglasses, or even Ray Ban-wayfarer looks as fashion veers away from the Jackie O. oversized and aviator styles. The lady-like clutch purse and frame bag can transform your outfit as well and bring you up to date in a great way.summer fashion trends

Goodwill is a wonderful way to start your “summer nights” and days with a blast from the past that is both tasteful and fashion forward. Start shopping today!







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