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Whimsical Outdoor Fashion Decor

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jul 11, 2012 3:46:00 PM

Repurpose and reuse can be just as simple as looking for new or hidden beauty in the everyday objects. Take sports equipment, for example. One day while walking down the street in my neighborhood I saw these amazing planters that were made from worn-out soccer balls. Not only were they appropriate to the pub whose steps they were now gracing, but they were really cool as well.outdoor home decor

That got me thinking. So on the next trip to the Goodwill Retail Store near me, I looked for objects that could be made into planters. Since my main focus is fashion, I looked at hats, handbags and then shoes. None of them seemed appropriate, and I was getting a bit disappointed until I came across the perfect item. Two pairs of children’s rubber rain boots! They were $3.99 per pair, and one featured a pink “Hello Kitty” motif, while the other pair looked like mini firemen boots. Scooping them up I was off to my local garden center where most annuals are now deeply discounted. I chose annuals that were fine in sun and shade with a mixture of heights and colors to help create interest. I spent just $3.00 plus tax for them!

outdoor fashion decorTo prepare the boots for planting, I first had to remove the felt insole as well as the glued-on flannel lining. This proved to be the hardest part as they were securely fastened. I found it best to use a flat head screwdriver to help pry the fabric from the inside of the boot. I even used a pliers for more leverage. Removing the fabric was important so that no mold or mildew could form, thus leaving me with all water-repellent rubber only.

Next using a large drill bit, I gently drilled through the soles of each of the 4 boots to create drainage holes as you see in the picture. This is a must, so if you need help with this or don’t have tools, you could ask a friend or family member that does. Now you’re ready to plant your unique outdoor accessories.

I dropped in some shards of pottery from an old clay pot in addition to some old broken china as well to facilitate proper drainage. I then filled the boots almost to the top with specially-bagged potting soil from the garden center that is specifically made for potted plants. Gently take the annuals from their 3-packs and lay on their sides to check for height and color arrangement before jamming them into your planters. Pack more soil in tightly and give each boot a squeeze to make sure they’re firmly in place. Add more soil if needed. Water them slowly to consolidate the soil and then pick up by the bootstraps and place wherever you desire. I placed mine on the steps leading into my home to greet guests with a whimsical display. These would also look great on a patio of an apartment or condo, and could be great shower décor or presents for folks you know with kids!

goodwill outdoor home decorThere are so many ideas to consider when it comes to repurposing or reusing items that you find at Goodwill for your home. So why not add some outdoor fashion décor as well? Happy summer everyone!



















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