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All Laced Up

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jul 12, 2012 3:37:00 PM

summer fashion trendsLace, the word can sometimes conjure up images of grandma’s curtains, over- the- top bridal gowns, or fussy handkerchiefs. In reality, the lace trend has been with us for many years. Remember the Duchess of Cambridge’s (Kate Middleton) wedding gown by Alexander McQueen? It was both modern and romantic at the same time. Lace, in one form or another, has been involved in the manufacture and design of women’s clothing for centuries. Making lace is an ancient skill that came into its own in the late 15th century. The various regions around the world that produced the finest handmade lace became famous for their brand of the open weave fabric. Antwerp, Brussels, Chantilly and other European provinces sustained the industry and still produce fine examples of this beautiful art form. Today we see it used in new and innovative ways to keep ladies looking fresh, fashionable and on trend.

Lace can run the gamut in fashion. For example, it’s used for dresses such as a cotton eyelet sundresses in crisp white, as well as dramatic black evening gowns for high-toned affairs. Even recording artist Lady Gaga has been known to wear outrageous lace get ups. Whenever I shop at the Goodwill Retail Store near me, I spy lots of lovely lace items that could easily work their magic on your wardrobe too. Let’s explore the possibilities …

Lace tops of all kinds can be found when scanning the racks at Goodwill. Feel the fabric when you find something you like. Cheaper types of lace can feel a bit scratchy and since you’ll usually be wearing a tank top or camisole underneath, make sure the fabric is both comfortable against the skin and breathable.

Lace skirts can be a fun way to access the trend. Prairie-type skirts and lacy maxi’s can make a bold statement when paired with more casual tops and accessories.

Lace dresses can sometimes look a little bridal, so be wary of anything that reads too fussy or prom-like, unless of course you are going to prom. Look for a-line or sheath dresses that will have a more sophisticated look and are more appropriate for every daywear.

goodwill fashion tipsLace appliqué and insets can make any blouse, or even jeans, more special and feminine. Avoid over the top ruffled looks that can come across as too juvenile. After all, you don’t want to look like Shirley Temple!

Lace can be used in a variety of accessories as well if you don’t want to opt for a full-on lacy look. A simple headband can be a very charming addition to any outfit and create just the right romantic mood. A lace-covered clutch could become a great evening accessory for summer weddings and other formal affairs you may attend.

If you’re handy with a needle and thread you could add lace to any number of items you already have. I just recently saw some lace pockets on the back of a pair of denim shorts. It was unexpected and softened the look of the denim, while giving the wearer the feminine look she was going for. Even if you’re not attracted to the lacy life the Goodwill Retail Store and Donation Center is always a great way to experiment with new ideas in fashion for a lot less than retail. So give lace second looks the next time you’re out shopping at our favorite store and see what you can come up with!

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