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Summertime Blues

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jul 19, 2012 3:33:00 PM

Like the song says, “there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.” The color blue has always been a staple on the fashion and design scene, but have you noticed that the hues change with the seasons? We go through cycles of color tonality, just like we go through cycles of skirt lengths. Right now, the prevalent hue of blue on runways and department store sales floors is a combination of robin’s egg, turquoise, teal and Tiffany-blue (like the famous NYC store’s boxes). This plays into the bright days of summer, when the blue of the sky, sea, and nature in general take a leading role in style and fashion. These blues have a hint of green in them, and much less depth than their fall and winter counterparts. They just seem to be made for the warm weather yet ahead of us.

amazing goodwill fashion tipsThis color is a great foil to neutral tones of all kinds, so it adapts readily to clothing pieces already waiting for a new partner in your closet! It goes without saying that a combination of blue and white couldn’t be more fresh and vibrant, fashion-wise for summer. In addition, it can really pop when paired with the tans and browns that we would normally associate with fall. Thus elevating their heavier, more earthen-mood in a flash. What types of clothing should you look for in this shade to add to your wardrobe? Let’s count the ways to turn up the teal and bring out the baby blues…

Like I always say, a great dress in a bright cerulean blue or other sky inspired shade can’t be beat for summer heat. Whether you’re a blonde, redhead, or brunette, the right blue dress can make you stand out in a spectacular way! Thank goodness the racks at Goodwill are arranged by color, as well as size, making it a snap to gravitate toward the blue of your choice. Soft azure blue to full on turquoise, find a dress that fits and flatters, and I guarantee you’ll wear it a lot this season. When fall rolls around you can pair it with a blazer or sweater in a neutral tan or brown for contrasting impact.

Separates are always a good place to start when experimenting with color. A top, blouse or even a t-shirt with this cool tint, can definitely play well with other pieces you have. The same idea is true with a great skirt, pair of slacks or jeans that will assuredly fill in the color gaps in your current closet rotation. When paired with items you have that are more of a contrast on the color wheel, the interplay of shades will always make you look cool!

Fashion tip: ALL blues work together, no matter what the hue! Try a bluesy monochromatic look and see if I’m right!

fashion expert bjorn nasettAccessories of all kinds can be found at any of our Goodwill locations. Consider a rakish menswear inspired hat, which can provide sun protection and style all at the same time!

How about a simple scarf? Tie one on as a headband for the bohemian effect.

Personally, I think a gal can’t get more fashion bang for her buck than a statement handbag because it can transition from season to season with ease, unlike lightweight cotton clothing and other summery accessories.

Let’s not forget about shoes! Finding a pair of shoes that give you the blues, can add spark to even a pair of jeans or shorts.

When it comes to gems, turquoise jewelry, whether real gemstone or faux, can lend just the right touch of teal to finish your fashion, so look closely at the large selection of jewelry at your local Goodwill to see if you can score the perfect piece for your needs.

amazing goodwill fashion trendsWhen you have a Goodwill store nearby, getting the summertime blues is as simple as getting out there and shopping, and you’ll have the added benefit of supporting programs that support your community. Now that’s what I call a win/win situation!













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