Amazing Looks - September 2017

Leo - Universal Look for Back to School

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Sep 1, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Amazing Looks from Goodwill - September 2017Leo is a typical teen who just happens to be from France. But one thing is universal the world over—casual back to school looks. Most teenage guys are happy to have some shirts, shorts and jeans in their closets, plus their favorite pair of kicks (athletic shoes). That’s why Goodwill is such a great resource for those closet staples, such as the Perry Ellis designer v-neck t-shirt in a crisp blue stripe ($2.99), and khaki shorts from Cherokee ($3.99). He’s also wearing his own broke-in and totally comfortable sneakers. Just for fun, we had him style some vintage aviator sunglasses ($1.99), and braided belt ($.99). It just goes to show you that guys from all over the world just want to have fun, comfortable clothes as they head back to hit the books!

From Goodwill:

- Perry Ellis designer v-neck shirt - $2.99
- Cherokee shorts - $3.99
- Vintage sunglasses - $1.99
- Braided belt - $.99

From Leo:

- Sneakers

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