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Amazing Looks from Goodwill - March 2019

Kaitlyn - Lifting the Lid Off Winter

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on Mar 4, 2019 11:29:49 AM
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Amazing Looks from Goodwill - March 2019Kaitlyn is ready for spring by wearing trends that signal the return of sunshine and warmer weather! Metallic looks don’t have to be futuristic and cold. Here we have a metallic-painted sweater from H&M for $6.99 that keeps the vibe light because the texture feels warm and inviting. The sweater also works perfectly with her Aeropostale jeans that were $4.99. With these two pieces as a base, I went for bright springtime accents like combat boots in a periwinkle blue/green floral pattern ($9.99), a mint green watch ($14.99), a hand-painted wooden bracelet ($2.99), and a leather bracelet in mint green ($4.99) This effortless look is easy to replicate by shopping at any of our well-organized stores and searching for items that lift the lid off of winter and promise the warmth and freshness of the season to come.

From Goodwill:

- H&M metallic-painted sweater - $6.99
- Floral-pattern combat boots - $4.99
- Watch (from Retique) - $14.99
- Necklace (from Retique) - $6.99
- Hand-painted wooden bracelet (from Retique) - $4.99

From Kaitlyn:

- Aeropostale jeans - (Purchased at Goodwill for $4.99)

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