Amazing Looks from Goodwill - May 2018

Julie - Fabulous & Fashionable

Posted by Bjorn Nasett on May 1, 2018 12:00:00 AM
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Amazing Looks from Goodwill - May 2018Julie shows us this month that casual doesn’t have to be boring. I was inspired by her metallic “leather” jacket that she brought along to the photoshoot. We started with a pair of gray leopard-print jeggings (jeans/leggings) from H&M that were $4.99. I felt these cool pants would lend a bit of rock-n-roll to this look. From there I added a black layered-look sweater from Apt. 9 that was just $4.99. Having the two textures in one sweater is an easy style cheat! Julie also happened to have some really great silver tennis shoes in her closet that kept the outfit casual, yet fun. You could also wear some leather boots with this look as well. The over-the-top round mirrored sunglasses are definitely fun sun protection, aren’t they? You simply cannot have too many pairs of shades in my book. They are an essential accessory for making you feel fabulous and fashionable in a flash. Julie is a head turner in the best way possible!

From Goodwill:

- H&M leopard-print jeggings - $4.99
- Apt 9 - black sweater - $4.99

From Julie:

- Metallic-colored faux leather jacket


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