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Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Aug 1, 2016 4:02:54 PM

Amazing Looks from Goodwill - August 2016Charley is ready to (reluctantly) head back to school in style! While the weather is still nice some girls prefer to wear a skirt like this one from Gymboree with multi-colored polka dots on it that I found for $3.99! It just makes the idea of hitting the books a little more fun! We added that school-year staple a t-shirt in red from Justice that was just $2.99. Keeping our colorful and fun theme going, we added the essential school accessory, a backpack that was at our store for $4.99. Charley’s own ballet flats (another nice staple for all young ladies) to completed our casually cool back-to-school look!

From Goodwill:

- Justice t-shirt - $2.99
- Multi-colored patterned skirt - $3.99
- Backpack - $2.99

From Charley:

- Black ballet flats

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