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Robert - Modern & Stylish

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Feb 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM
Amazing Looks - February 2015Amazing Looks - February 2015 Amazing Looks - February 2015 Amazing Looks - February 2015 Amazing Looks - February 2015 Amazing Looks - February 2015

Robert, our teenage model, is another example of just how easy it is to dress up a rather casual pair of slacks with a blazer. The Covington brand blue-gray chinos were a great start to build the look with. Because this young man is already quite the fashionable guy, we utilized a few pieces from his own wardrobe to pull it all together, including the short-sleeved blue checked-pattern button down, AND his own blue-gray windowpane patterned blazer!  Where Goodwill came in was with some cool accessories like the black-and-blue pinstripe vest from Carbon Black, and two versions of classic neckties, the Marco Polo multicolored tie, and the black-and-white polka dotted bow tie! Like I said before, Robert knows his style so we co-opted his ultra-cool Converse All Star lace ups, in a light and dark brown canvas, which kept the look fun and accessible as well. We also slipped on a pair of Bjorn’s own sunglasses to emulate a high-fashion feeling. Dressed up, but not stuffy is how I would describe this modern and stylish look for a modern and stylish young man!

Robert's Favorite Item: Marco Polo tie

“I like it because it's loud.”

From Goodwill:

  • Covington - blue-gray chinos - $4.99

  • Carbon Black - black-and-blue pinstripe vest - $3.99

  • Marco Polo - multicolored tie - $1.99

  • Black-and-white polka dotted bow tie - $2.99

From Robert:

  • Express MX - blue checked-pattern button down

  • Blue-gray windowpane patterned blazer

  • Converse All-Star sneakers

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