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I.J. - Monochromatic Fashion

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jan 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM
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Our model this month, I.J., gives off movie-star vibrations in this monochromatic-fashion look.  All shades of almost any color can be combined to make a traffic stopping ensemble. In this case we went for a dressed-up, yet casual look. Every guy should own a pair of dark jeans or cords because they can elevate the style level of almost everything you pair with them. I chose these slim fit jeans from Seven Oaks to start our New Years look with the right foundation. Then it was a simple matter of adding in the DKNY subtly-striped black-and-gray v-neck sweater into the mix. If you’re at all apprehensive about wearing patterns like stripes, look for subtle color variations like this one. We topped that off with a fitted black-cotton blazer that had no label, but had a high-quality construction and good details. It fits his athletic physique very well so we went with it! Subtle, yet strong accessories such as the black and silver oversize watch, silver knot bracelet, and classic black Chuck Taylors that were I.J.’s own favorites. I think he looks amazing, and do you want to know what his best accessory is? His bright and happy smile, because he knows he looks great!

I.J.'s Favorite Item: DKNY sweater

“I like the color and it fits good.”

From Goodwill:

  • DKNY - black/gray sweater - $6.99

  • Black blazer - $6.99

  • Seven Oaks - black jeans - $4.99

  • Black purse with gold chain - $4.99

  • Silver knot bracelet - $1.49

  • Over-sized watch - $6.99

From I.J.:

  • Chuck Taylor sneakers

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