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Jeffrey - The Power of Black and White

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on May 1, 2014 12:41:00 PM
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Jeffrey is a perfect illustration of the power of a black and white color combination. Once again, we used some of Jeff’s favorite Goodwill purchases to pull together this modern, masculine look. We started with his favorite jeans and paired them with a Kenneth Cole button down shirt that had some black, white and grey details. Finding a shirt with details like the white placket on this one will help make any outfit into a fashionable look. From there we added the grey/black belt with metal grommets as well as a hip fedora hat with contrasting band, both of which Jeff found at the Goodwill store near his home! Topping it off is the Converse black and white sneakers, and just for a fun prop, a black and white golf umbrella!  This guy definitely knows what’s cool, and that comes across in this laid-back and fun outfit that any guy could pull together!

Jeffrey's Favorite Item: Fedora hat

“It’s really comfortable and not restricted, and I just love fedora’s.”

From Goodwill:

  • Kenneth Cole – black, white, gray-striped button down - $4.99
  • Converse black and white sneakers –  $2.99
  • Fedora hat - $4.99

From Jeffrey:

  • Levi’s jeans
  • Belt

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