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Damara - Colorful Layered Look

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Aug 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM
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Colorful is the key to model Damara’s layered summer look as well as her warm personality.  Incorporating patterns and colors is sometimes intimidating, but it really works here. We kept everything in the outfit close to the tones of the fantastic high-waisted print skirt from Merona.  Instead of “matching” the pink tones, I focused on accenting the secondary colors. The yellow- -and-white striped halter top from Loft works well with the length of the skirt and has a fresh feeling. I layered a sherbet orange top by Cole Ridge over it for that complementary pop of color. Keeping the top solid was strategic to grounding the vibrant floral print of the skirt. For fun we added a striped grosgrain belt from Old Navy, a silver bracelet, and some orange earrings in a small scale. You don’t want big accessories with this much color. Topping it off is a citrus yellow New York & Co. handbag, and textured multicolor-woven fabric heels by Bango. This is a spectacular summer look for anyone! It also illustrates my mantra, which is items that go together, but do not match exactly, are what makes any great outfit really work!

Damara's Favorite Item: Loft tank top

"I really like how it fits."

From Goodwill:

  • Loft yellow & white striped tank top - $4.99
  • Merona pink and green floral skirt - $4.99
  • Cole Ridge orange shirt - $4.99
  • Old Navy belt - $2.99
  • Silver bracelet - $3.99
  • Orange earrings - $1.99
  • Bango heels - $4.99
  • New York & Co. yellow handbag - $3.99

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