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Robert - Classic Summer Style

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jul 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM
Robert - Amazing Looks Amazing Looks - Robert Amazing Looks -Robert Amazing Looks - Robert Amazing Looks - Robert Amazing Looks - Robert Amazing Looks - Robert

Our teenage model Robert is illustrating a classic summer style for men that never loses its appeal. The reference here to boating and the ocean is undeniably timeless as well as a perfect pairing of the contrast of black and white. The base of this look is the GAP white cotton short in a classic mid length. It's time guys, to ditch the baggy and embrace much sportier tennis short length if you’ve got an athletic build. We added in our model's own striped v-neck t-shirt and layered a thin cotton black and white striped Merona sweater over it. His own on-trend deck shoes by Van’s in a denim canvas, read sporty and casually stylish. They are a great fashion choice for any guy of any age when it comes to summer footwear. We threw in some vintage Ray Ban-style sunglasses with a clear acrylic frame to keep the vibe light and bright like the season ahead. Men’s style tip: Wearing a striped t-shirt or lightweight sweater is an easy way to get some nautical appeal going for any guy! 

Robert's Favorite Item: Merona striped sweater

"Because it’s soft and I like the stripes."

From Goodwill:

  • GAP white shorts - $3.99
  • Merona black and white striped sweater - $4.99

From Robert:

  • Blue & white striped t-shirt
  • Van’s denim canvas deck shoes

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