Amazing Looks from Goodwill written by Bjorn Nasett

Matt - Casual Upscale

Posted by Jamie Klinger-Krebs on Jun 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM
Amazing Looks Amazing Looks Amazing Looks Amazing Looks Amazing Looks Amazing Looks Amazing Looks

Our model Matt does his version of casual upscale so well in this awesome ensemble. He wears a classic “Havana” which is a short-sleeved men’s shirt that is untucked by design and functions well to keep a guy cool in hot weather. (And cool looking!) This men’s shirt found it’s way here to the U.S. with the immigrant populations from below the equator, and sometimes features pockets on the front. Here we have a modern take on the style in a deep navy blue with contrasting light blue design by Centro. This shirt goes so well with a nice pair of khaki slacks, like these that have a more polished, fitted look from Dockers. Matt is an avid thrift shopper himself and his sandals are a Coach find from one of his many trips to his local Goodwill Store! A classic silver watch completes his summer look. He could also wear the khaki’s with a variety of other shirts, as well as wear the shirt with different styles of shorts. So you can see clearly, that quality pieces are always a great bet for building a better and more fashionable wardrobe!

Matt's Favorite Item: Coach sandals

"They’re stylish and comfy."

From Goodwill:

  • Centro - Navy button down  - $4.99
  • Dockers – khakis - $4.99

From Matt:

  • Coach sandals

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