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Kimberly - Fashion Ease

Posted by Holly Hirsch on Aug 3, 2012 12:31:00 PM
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Kimberly's Favorite Item:
Orange H&M jacket

"It's bright and fun, and it's a great color for summer and fall.”

For our model Kimberly, the ease of a fashionable and flattering summer dress is a warm weather necessity. Here she illustrates how a simple sheath dress in a neutral tone can look office ready, while still keeping the comfort level she craves. This Kenar shift dress was a perfect choice. It has a wonderful crisscross at the bust line that defines her waist, as well as some decorative embroidery work on the body of the dress. We opted to pump up the professionalism by adding an H&M jacket in a trendy coral/orange which complements the detailing of the dress in a great way. Accessories are layered in neutral tones with a gold rope necklace, brown beaded necklace, brown beaded bracelet, and silver earrings with amber gemstones. Yes, you can mix your metals as long as they aren’t statement pieces that could clash. Finishing off this chic look is Kimberly’s favorite go-to footwear, her open-toed brown wedge shoes. Pulled together and polished equals style success for summer!

From Goodwill:

  • Kenar shiff dress - tan with embroidery -4.99
  • H&M jacket - orange cotton - 6.99
  • Necklace - rope, gold with crystal details - 3.99
  • Necklace (as bracelet) - brown beads - 3.99
  • Earrings - silver circles with amber gemstones - 3.99

From Kimberly

  • Wedges - open-toed, brown

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