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Jackie - Maximum Summer Style

Posted by Holly Hirsch on Jul 17, 2012 10:47:00 AM
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Jackie's Favorite Item:
Charlotte Russe Black & Cork wedges

"I saw them at the store, and I thought they were cool. Versatile - go with just about everything and suprisingly very comfortable!”

On Jackie we’ve gone maxi, for maximum summer style. We all know that you just can’t go wrong with a black and white scheme. So here we’ve taken the black chiffon maxi, and topped it off with her white t-shirt and black belt. Next, we layered on the accessories! Black bangles, silver heart-shaped earrings, a black lacy necklace with pendant, and a fabulous black bee with white opalescence ring. For fun, she could add the black hat and sunglasses for extra style and protection. Her favorite shoes complete the look. Mixing black and white always looks chic and sophisticated no matter what, so when you’re in a pinch for a little glamour, go bold with these polar opposites on the color spectrum.

From Goodwill:

  • Sunglasses - black - 4.99
  • Hat - black - 4.99
  • Bangle bracelets - 1.99/each
  • Earrings - silver heart - 1.99
  • Necklace - black lace with pendant - 1.99
  • Ring - black bee with white pearlescence - 9.99

From Jackie:

  • Black wedges
  • White t-shirt
  • Black skirt

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