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Goodwill Success Stories - JasonThe Goodwill mission inspires Jason.

Jason is the kind of person that any company would want as an employee. He is hardworking, dedicated, always striving to do his best and willing to help out his fellow employees.  

"We identified early on that Jason was a go-getter. He stood out with his strong work ethic and desire to give the job 100%. We knew with the right coaching and training that Jason would be able to take on a leadership role within Goodwill,” says Skip Dexter, Executive Director of Retail Services.

Jason started in Production at the Goodwill Store & Donation Center, handling donations that came into the store. He would help donors by unloading their cars, pricing the items, and then taking them to the sales floor. Within a short amount of time, he was promoted to Team Lead, then to Assistant Manager before taking on his current role of Operations Manager.  "I was given training all along the way which boosted my confidence," says Jason.  "I am supported by the leadership and feel like they are cheering me on to do more and be more."

Employees like Jason are identified early, and a career path is developed.  "Managers work to show these employees all facets of our business and move them up the career ladder," says Dexter.  

For Jason, it is all about the mission. "I have been to our locations that serve people with disabilities and disadvantages and have seen first-hand what our revenue supports. When our employees work hard, when our communities donate, and when our shoppers buy merchandise, lives are changed. I am excited to be a part of that," said Jason.

Goodwill has given Jason the chance to succeed. He is taking classes toward his degree, and he continues to excel at the jobs he has undertaken. "I see myself at Goodwill for a long time. I want to keep growing, learning and sharing the mission with as many people as I can."

Goodwill invests heavily in employee training and development so that it has the talent it needs both for today and in the future. From enhanced performance and increased job satisfaction to strengthened problem-solving skills and improved customer satisfaction, the effects of a good training program are far-reaching. 

Talent Management

Goodwill will recruit, develop and retain a high-performing workforce in order to position Goodwill as an employer of choice, supporting our plans for mission and business growth.


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