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Platform BootsWinter 2016-2017 Clothing Tips & Trends

We haven’t decided if winter is coming in like a lion or a lamb yet, but either way, we’ll be rocking some fun and functional winter items this season! Winter makes us crave fun textures and colors, but let’s be honest; we all want to be cozy and warm too. These trends provide all of the above. Get out there and enjoy all that winter offers in platform boots, velvet, mid-hems and puffer jackets!

Floor CushionsWinter 2016-2017 Home Tips & Tren

Winter décor tends to drift into hues of green, red, gold and silver. We love those tones, but every once in a while the season could use a splash of something different! That’s where this year’s winter trends come in; their unexpected textures and hues are just what the crisp season called for. Once you’ve had your fun outdoors, head on inside and enjoy crimson red, floor cushions, faux-fur and rattan.