Goodwill Guess the Price Game

Goodwill Guess the Price GameJune 2017

              1. One entry per day per email.
              2. Winners must guess the price without going over. 
              3. During the month of June, try and guess the total price of Catherine's outfit.
              4. Goodwill will select 5 winners who guessed closest to the price to receive a $10 Goodwill gift card. Winners' first name, last initial and city will be listed (your full name will never be listed).
              5. Contestants can play each month but can only win the $10 Goodwill gift card once every three months. 

Catherine's outfit consists of the following items from Goodwill:

  • Jessica Howard A-line dress 
  • Brown Bracelet 
  • Hat 

Submissions for this price game end on June 30th. Please check back in July for a new “Guess the Price” outfit and find out the total cost of Catherine's look to see how close you were at guessing the price!


What's your guess for the cost of this Amazing Look from Goodwill?