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Amazing Finds at Goodwill

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Nicole H.

fur coat

Blue Fox Fur Jacket Found in Willow Brook, ILm store for $19.99. Appraised $2500.

Anthony E.


On Tuesday, January 14, 2014 I was in the Wauwatosa, WI store on 121 and Feerick looking for dishes when I discovered a beautiful china cabinet that was been brought into the store.  Of course, I bought  it and I got this warm feeling like I had won something. Now I want to go to the store a lot. I did get the dishes, but that became secondary. I told my sister that that china cabinet would be my pride and joy for years even though I don’t have the fine china it deserves.   

Paige C.

mk blouse

Brand new Michael Kors blouse for $3.99!

Swiss Army Watch

watch amazing find

Found this watch at Retique in Milwaukee a few weeks ago. Knew it would be a good quality watch as it is Swiss Army – checked online and it is $195! Quite a deal at less than $10 at the Goodwill store. Decided to donate $50 to Goodwill on the website.

Michael E.


On a recent trip to my good will store in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin I bought a document embossed with the Wisconsin seal and signed by former Governor Anthony Earl for $1.99 up returning home I realized the back of the framed document was loose so I decided to take it apart for re-framing and boy was I surprised too find two more documents behind the original one signed by Lee Sherman Dreyfus, former governor of Wisconsin and also one signed by former governor and 1980 vice presidential candidate of the United States Mr. Patrick Lucey, also one of the signatures is from Vel Phillips who was a huge civil rights leader in Wisconsin and is also the first woman and African American woman too accomplish many things in her life!!

Dan E.

computer screen

I found a Samsung 20” flat screen monitor/TV for only $12.99! And it works great. I also have a lot more room on my desk!


Darren O.


I wound up picking this autographed Bon Jovi tour book signed by all 4 band members at the Mundelein store for $8 this past Sunday. Same autographed book goes for up to $1000 on Ebay. Score!!!!

Sarah M.


While looking through the plus size racks, I saw a nice looking plum colored sweater. Looking at the tag I noticed it was 100% cashmere from Land's End, in my size, and for just $4.99. Lucky me, especially since I looked a little further in the rack I found two more, one brown and one navy. It felt like a treat to have and wear cashmere, just in time for winter. Even better, when I got home, I looked up the sweater at the Land's End website and found a new one costs $159.00! Thanks Goodwill!


Jackie D.


How special!! I just pick up all this pottery for pennies at the Goodwill Store! I wanted to know who the lady was who made and signed the pieces and she is Rachel Rottersman 1909-1993, Teacher, who ran a Children's relief welfare center for over 1000 orphans and refugees in Germany after WWII. Several accolades and honors in her lifetime including her works were the subject of a 1948 MGM Movie "The Search" starring Montgomery Clift and Aline MacMahon played Mrs. Rottersman.  The pieces are dated from 1965 to 1973.  I came home to research her and found she sadly passed away. I wish I knew if she had made these overseas ... or maybe as a hobby back here at home. Amazing find!


Jenny M.


Found like-new (no wear on soles at all) Merrell women's shoes at the West Bend store. They retail for $100 and I got them at Goodwill for $6.99 plus an extra 25% off during the Memorial Day sale. That made them $5.25-what a deal! 

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