Amazing Finds at Goodwill

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Amazing Finds at Goodwill

Linda L.

I found a Michael Kors blouse top for $9.99 and paired it with Levi's skinny jeans for $7.99.  I love spending under my price point of $20. Win-win! Looks great and feels great supporting the mission especially, when I get compliments on this outfit. Thank you!

Bobi D.

Here are pics of the votive cups I found at Goodwill, I also included pics of the wall sconces before the votive cups and then one of them after I found votive cups. Candle sticks would have looked dumb in the wall sconces, these votive cups really make them look super!

Vicki H.

“I am finally taking down my Christmas ornaments. This is a photo of the upside down Christmas tree that I made from Goodwill clearance small wreaths. It looks so nice hanging from our family room rafter.”


My eight-year-old daughter, Anya loves recycled treasures. She always asks me if we can go to the lost and found store (Goodwill) so the other day I stopped. On our way into the store she said, "Mom do you know why things from this store are so special?" I replied, "No, why?" She responded, "Because they already come with someone else's memories"  My heart melted.

Deanna P.

I found this picture with all documents and certificates. This is an original print from Bev Doolittle. I paid $3 And it’s worth anywhere from $2000-$5000 depending on the buyer.

Jenn H.


WORKING Tomy Omnibot 2000 in OG box at Goodwill New Berlin. Paid $75, worth over $700!

Yolanda B.

I found this beautiful record player at the Goodwill in Racine, Wisconsin for $12.99 and I had a $5 reward coupon so it ended up costing me $8. I didn't have a good use for it, but myaunt from Delaware loved it so much, and her son was a truck driver who had to come to Wisconsin, so he picked it up for her and she uses it as a buffet.

Mark S.

Tony Dorsett autographed helmet!

Lenox Rose Bowl

This is a Lenox Rose bowl that is for sale at Bed Bath and Beyond for $89.99. I got it four $3.99 at Goodwill!